I was having girls night out tonight, when my husband calls and asks "do you have Bobo?" My heart automatically sank. He's familiar with Bobo but not bonded. I said no, why? He's not in his cage, the door is wide open. I felt sick. I sped home, shaking, it's raining and a million posts racing through my head. I called and said check the toilet, thinking there is no way I could find him that way. Turn off the lights I told him, get out the mealies. I called as I got closer to home, he said he's in the laundry room, I'm trying to get him to come to me. What relief!!! By the time I got there he had him back into his cage safely. I got him out did a once and twice over, he looks fine. He's eating now and running in his wheel. My daughter fessed up to opening the door. She has a friend over and wanted to show him off. She didn't shut it properly. Needless to say after many tears and kisses to Bobo she apologized to me and him. We have two dogs that were in the house as well......Whew! My adrenaline is still pumping, can't sleep. I've only had the little guy a few weeks and I didn't realize he had crept his way into my heart so quickly. Tommorrow all the kids will be given a strict do not touch the doors speach! It could've been so much worse.

Committed wife! (As in needs to be committed!)
Mom to 3 skin kids, 3 dogs,a cat, and 5 sugar gliders! Adam :wfb: , Apple :wfb: , Pita :wfb: , Zita :wfb: and Bobo :grey: